I grew up in Minneapolis in the 50’s and by the time I was ten I was buying 45s of the Everly Brothers and the folk music of the day. When I was twelve, after months of begging, my dad drove me to “B # Music” way across town where I picked out a candy apple red telecaster and a Princeton amp, all for $150. I kept practicing guitar and wound up playing in bands all through high school and college. In the early days we played songs by the Ventures and Lonnie Mack, and of course Chuck Berry. The music scene in Minneapolis was alive and good bands were playing everywhere. Dad was an early aficionado of “stereo” sound and together we built a state of the art system assembling two Dynaco power amps from kits and buying two Altec Voice of the Theater speakers. I was in high school and loving the Beatles when Sgt. Pepper came out and I will never forget the mind blowing first listen to that record cranked up LOUD! The 60’s hit me hard and I went to Woodstock with friends in a VW van. The Lovin Spoonful, Jefferson Airplane, The Band, Jimi, everyone I loved, they were all there! The Who played their entire rock opera Tommy starting at 4AM finishing at sunrise. Medical school, marriage and kids took over my life until I had time for music again, but this time I became totally obsessed with classical music and studied piano with the greatest mentor of my life. I practiced hours and hours steadily for over 15 years. Meanwhile, over the last 40 plus years I have played music with my best friend, Tom Woliver. Our musical partnership has evolved over time, sometimes just the two of us, other times growing into a band. We met Roger in ’07. Irene added the magic ingredient in 2012! Do No Harm is the result!