I started out as a drummer from the age of 11 playing professionally in the Cincinnati area.  My bands ( Vibras, Dauphine Street Blues, etc.) were very active and played numerous venues, covering Rock and Soul. I began to pick up guitar when 14 and started song writing in addition to my drumming.

I moved to San Jose and then Santa Cruz in 1969, attending university, and continued my drumming and later guitar. I played guitar with the “Daddy Funbucks” and “Tom Thacker” bands , but switched back to drums with the “James-Best Band” in Santa Cruz.

I recorded a single ” Marigold” and “Happiness Is” at Fifth Floor Recording Studio in Cincinnati in 1975, later recorded with Billy Randolph at Pacific Studios and again in Orange County ( “Song sung so pretty”, “And It’s You”, “Let Me Go Home Whisky”, “Ain’t  Living Long like this”) later that decade.

I have enjoyed collaboration and friendship with Jim Thomas musically for over 35 yrs in multiple musical projects. Out of this came came the “Do No Harm” band.